For the 6th edition of the curvy® in January 2016 our fashion show will go back to the middle of Berlin, in the Telekom Capital representative building.


Here the curvy already celebrated its premiere.


In the past, the desire was expressed by many exhibitors and visitors again and again to move back into the “Telekom”. So this move in the “new/old” location is a reason to celebrate.


Position and location complement each other and deliver perfect conditions.


The Capital City Representative Office is not only the biggest and oldest building from the early years of telecommunications. It is also a part of identity of Berlin. In this building, which connects the past with the future extraordinarily after restoration and increase, the world of interactive media is connected with the direct realty of future-oriented technique.


The unity of the historical frontage and the transparency of the new building provide the representative office of the capital city a characteristic charisma. The visitor experienced the extraordinary young-old symbiosis inside of the building.

Address: Französische Strasse 33 a-c, 10117 Berlin


1. Curry is sexy während der MB FashionWeek 2013